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Do Rat Deterrents Really Work?  Find Out the Truth Today


If you have a rat or mouse infestation in your home, shed, or barn, you are likely looking for a way to control the problem. You could get a cat, but there is no guarantee that the cat would actually be a mouser, and you may not want to expose a household pet to the risks that come with chasing mice and rats. Another option would be to set traps or put out poison, but that is not always ideal because of safety issues.

A rat deterrent is another option, but before you spend your hard-earned money, you likely want some confidence that these products do, in fact, work as advertised. After all, anyone can say a product will repel rats, but the proof is in the research.

Rat Deterrent Options

When it comes to keeping rats away, you have two basic options. One option is a sound-based rat deterrent. These products, which require electricity or a battery to run, work by emitting a sound that is supposedly inaudible to humans and pets, but drives the rats away. Because the sound is not audible, you will not know if this product stops working. Also, it requires a source of energy, and some people have indicated they can hear the sound.

The best, most effective option is a scent-based deterrent. Certain plant-based scents, such as peppermint or balsam fir, are offensive to rats. A product containing these plants and oils in the right combination is an effective and safe way to keep rats from returning.

The Best Plant-Based Rat Deterrent

Fresh Cab is an example of a plant-based rat deterrent that really works. This product is 98 percent plant-based, and contains a powerful combination of ingredients that are proven to repel rats and other rodents. In fact, in rigorous testing, the product has shown to be over 88% effective at keeping rats out . That's a level of effectiveness that most of the competitors cannot claim. Because it works so well, Fresh Cab received the National Home & Garden Club seal of endorsement, receiving a 90 percent approval rating from independent product testers throughout the nation.

EPA Registered Product

The Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent is the only EPA registered product of its kind. Being EPA registered means the company sent all of the research about the product to the EPA, which reviewed the information and accepted it. In other words, the EPA says that the product does not pose a known risk to anyone or the environment and is effective at repelling rodents.

Easy to Use

Repelling rats with Fresh Cab is simple. You simply place the pouch containing the plant-based ingredients in the room or area where you wish to deter rats, and the ingredients do the work for you. After about 30 days, simply swap out the pouch for a new one, and the product will continue doing its job. No need to worry about changing a battery or resetting a trap. With Fresh Cab, you simply leave it and forget it, and one day you will wake up and realize you no longer have any rats to worry about.


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