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Fast, Safe, and Easy Rat Removal - Guaranteed

Rat removal can be very tricky.  You need to make sure you aren’t creating health and safety risks with the rat removal products.  Some of the products are difficult to use, and you are never sure if they will really work.  Fresh Cab® is the one rat removal product that you can trust every time.  It is fast, safe, and easy to use.

What is Fresh Cab®?

Fresh Cab® is the only plant-based rodent repellent that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Fresh Cab® has undergone rigorous testing through the EPA.  The EPA rated this product as safe and effective.  The ingredients used in Fresh Cab® consist of several essential oils and plant cellulose fiber from corn cob chips.


Fresh Cab® is Fast 

Some rat removal products take a long time to work.  Rat poison needs to be applied daily for up to two weeks.  After rats ingest some poisons, it can take up to six days for the poison to kill the rats.  Rats are suspicious of new objects, so empty rat traps need to be set out for up to two weeks before using them to trap rats.  

Fresh Cab® starts to work as soon as you place the pouches in the rats’ living and hiding spaces.  The active ingredient, balsam fir needle essential oil, works to activate escape behaviors in rats.  The rat senses danger and leaves the area.  All rats react the same to the scent of Fresh Cab®, making rat removal fast and effective.

Fresh Cab® is Safe

Fresh Cab® is made with natural ingredients.  Balsam fir needle essential oil is mixed with corn cob chips and several more essential oils, including cedar wood, lemon, grapefruit, and eucalyptus.  Unlike other rat removal products, there are no chemicals in Fresh Cab®.  When used as directed, there are no health or safety risks to humans or animals.  It is safe for the environment, too.  Fresh Cab® is 98% biodegradable.  The flow-through pouches are made from recycled paper, and the packaging print is made from soy ink.

Fresh Cab® is Easy

Rat removal can be messy and time-consuming.  Applying chemicals to rat infested areas and disposing of dead rats can be very unpleasant tasks that take more time than you would like.  When you use Fresh Cab® for rat removal, all you need to do is place the pouches in the areas you want to protect.  You can adjust the strength of Fresh Cab® by adding more pouches.  There is no chemical residue to clean up.  You don’t need to worry about protecting yourself from diseases and parasites when you remove dead rats from the area.  Fresh Cab® is the easiest rat removal method you will ever find.

The Results are Guaranteed

Fresh Cab® is guaranteed to get rid of rats.  Rats already living and hiding in your spaces will leave when they smell the balsam fir needle essential oil.  Rats entering the area will decide not to stay.  You can be assured that your rat removal problems will be cured with Fresh Cab®.


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